About Us

Strawberry Creative is...

The answer to your marketing and social media dramas!
We help you save time and make sales.
Lets talk through the right marketing solutions to help you achieve the best results.
We are like your extra pair of eyes, your extra brain, your extra hands.
Web copy, email marketing, Facebook ads, social media management, blog writing and content creation is our forte!

Our Values
We are passionate, honest and open. We are fun and innovative and constantly brainstorm fresh ways to market your business. No stuffy, boring vibes here!

Our Mission
Our mission is to shout the good word about your business to the world. And when I say world, I mean - to the right audience for you to get the best
exposure and positives outcomes through consistent social media awareness, collaborations, creative content, great copy and highly targeted advertising.  

Hi I am Nat and I am here to help businesses achieve their social media and marketing goals.
I have worked in the marketing and advertising industry for over 10 years now, working with companies such as Event Cinemas, QT Hotels, Home of The Arts, and Dreamworld to name a few!.
I am passionate about helping businesses from start up to large companies, get the most out of their marketing and advertising and understand the importance of staying on brand.
I am passionate about social media, influencer outreach and content creation. Some say I am addicted...
With a diploma in journalism and a background in newspapers and magazines, creating great copy and blog articles for you, really is a strength I love to share. I want to sell your business as the best solution to your clients in the most authentic way.