Your Ideal Product Launch Checklist

Launching a new product?

Congratulations!! You need to read this to make sure you squeeze every opportunity out to get that new product seen by all!

You don't need a huge budget, you just need a plan...

For your launch to get the maximum exposure I reccommend the following steps. The combination of the following plus paid facebook ads can really accelerate the brand and really compliment the advertising. Web traffic is your goal!



  • Social strategy - I recommend posting a min of once per day on all socials week of launch with 5-7 Instagram Try to include as many swipe up links as possible. Post at highest engagement times. Also engage as much as you can.
  • Influencer program - Try to get influencers who fit your brand. Do not just aim for big follower numbers. Micro and medium level influencers usually bring the most web traffic. Offer them product and a discount code for them to share with followers. It is up to you , your budget and the influencer in regards to if the partnership is paid. Always have an agreement or understanding what is expected from both parties. 
  • Email newsletters - This is your hot audience. Email them to notify the pre launch, nearly ready to drop and stock has dropped. They will feel valued and in the loop.
  • Ask friends and family to share! On facebook and insta. The more shares the more clicks and interaction on your page. Those people will then be retargeted with your paid Facebook ads.

  •  Go live!! Going live on facebook and or Instagram can really broaden your reach. Perhaps do a fashion try on with outfits ( if you are a fashion brand) with different sized models to show versatility.

  • Share all tags in stories - try to share or repost customer tags even if its just in stories.

  • Run a comp - Maybe run a comp to win a voucher or dress from the drop.

  • Do not discount too early. Do not run any other sales in the first week of launch. That will be mixed messaging. Try to keep that week or days when the drop happens all about the product.

  • Send an item to a local  writer or blogger with a one page letter about the release.

  • Invite people in store ( if you have one) to try on and sip champagne and take photos and video while there. If they tag themselves there they can win a voucher.

  • Facebook ads - Conversion ads targeting current warm audience and cold new audience.

I hope these tips can help you launch your new product!
And remember, we are always here to guide you if you want to chat!
It doesn't need to be stressful!