Why Your Business Needs A Blog Now

Here are my 5 bloody great reasons your business will benefit from a blog today! And writing one is not as hard as you think!
Why have a blog? How will your business benefit?

Blogs are basically little articles of information that can be fun, entertaining, educational and inspiring and they sit on your website to add value to your potential customer. They are not salesey ( although if you are clever you can weave products into your blog without being sales like) and help in so many ways to boost and compliment your marketing strategy.

Here are my 5 reasons having a blog for your business can really add value...

1 - Blogs help to position you as an expert in your field. Not an expert? Engage with one! Ask an expert if they would like to be featured on your blog as a guest and then you both benefit with links to both yours and the guests website/ social media. Winning!

2 - Blogs can be used/ repurposed as content for social media. You can link or swipe up to your blog so that your social audience are being driven to your website for something other than your products. ( then there is a chance they might sign up to your email list or be retargeted with paid ads if you have some in place) Linking blog posts to your Pinterest account is also very handy for driving web traffic!

3 - Blogs are great content for your email marketing. Email marketing is often filled with 'Buy now' and 'Sale'. But it is nice to open an email with something useful or informative every now and then!

4 - Appear in more organic web searches! So... if a person googles ' Snack ideas for kids lunches' and you have a blog on your website with tips for kids snacks, there is a really great chance that person will read your blog. Then they might stick around and see what you are all about!

5 - Blogs can really boost our SEO. They can help to optimise your site for different keywords that then attract different audiences!

Over all, having a blog for your business page is a huge bonus and a free way to communicate with your audience in a non sales manner.
Blog posts can be a place to share not only expertise but also behind the scenes, and exciting news!
If you were on the fence about starting a blog, I recommend jumping off that fence and right into a blog today.