5 Ways To Increase Your Instagram Likes

Do likes matter on Instagram? Yes. 
Should you be obsessed with them? No.
Even though likes are no longer displayed on Instagram posts for others to see
(on the mobile app anyway), the Instagram algorithm continues to work as it always has, and therefore, posts with regular likes and comments/ interaction are going to be seen by more people - e.g. reach.

Don't stress out though, because lets face it, you should not just be relying on Instagram for your business success.
Here are my top five ways to encourage likes on Instagram now!

1 - Post good quality content - You Do not have to post non stop professional photos, but post clear, quality images. It will make a difference I promise. And make sure it is something that relates to your business and aligns to your brand.

2 - Write engaging captions - Ok so you don't have to be an experienced writer, but captions that have a reason for the reader to comment or answer a question are always going to help. The idea is you want the consumer to see your post, read it and then write on the post! This is engagement people! So if you just post a photo without a caption or an emoji, there is no reason someone would even really need to comment. 

3 - Use hashtags -  You can use up to 30 on your post and they can really help your content be seen by more people. Make sure your hashtag isn't a banned one though, otherwise your account can be seen as being spammy!

4 - Geotag your location - Adding a location can boost the reach of your post dramatically and can also help when someone might be searching that area!

5 - Understand your insights - Read and understand your Instagram business insights. The you can use that information to post content appropriate to that audience and post at times they are most likely to see it!

Follow these tips and you should start to map out a great little Instagram strategy!
But make sure you keep in mind, this is just one way to market your business, do not make it your whole focus.
Happy Instagramming!!